Weekend Fun

After three days of rain, we finally got some sun to enjoy this weekend! This was the first weekend in a long time that Angus didn’t have to study for his engineering exam so we took advantage and had some fun!

On Saturday morning I started the day by taking a free crossfit class at Back Cove Cross Fit. The class was really fun and I loved how everyone encouraged complete strangers to work harder. It was a great atmosphere! The workout itself was a little short so afterwards I took advantage of the beautiful weather and went for a run. Angus came back Saturday evening and we went out to dinner at the Green Elephant, a restaurant we have never been to before. The food was delicious and it was extra fun because my old coworker was our waitress.

On Sunday Angus and I went to New Hampshire. We did a few hours of  mountain biking at Fort Rock (the place we used to go mountain biking in college) and then headed to Applecrest Farm for their apple festival and cyclocross race. It was a cool event and we ended up seeing a bunch of our friends from college which was an extra bonus.

Afterwards we headed into Portsmouth for a very late lunch/early dinner at Flatbreads. It has been a while since I’ve been to Portsmouth and there were a lot of cool new shops. We did some wandering, and then had tea and split one of my favorite “7 layer Bars” at Breaking New Grounds before heading back to Maine!

It’s a good thing that so much fun got packed into this weekend because I just looked at the forecast for next weekend and…. snow???

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