Weekend and 8 minute Abs

Monday monday! I actually don’t really mind Monday’s anymore because they’re not one of my busiest days at this point. I used to hate Monday because my least favorite shift of the week (closing at the gym) coincidentally happened on Monday. Not fair, I know. Now that’s not an issue so Monday’s are totally reasonable. I do miss training a very loyal Monday night client though!

Another fun weekend in the books! On Friday we headed down to Manchester to celebrate Matt and Chris’ wedding. It was so beautiful and great to see some old friends from UNH that we have not seen in a very long time! 

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On Saturday we stopped by Newmarket on the way home to eat breakfast at our favorite breakfast place: The Big Bean. It was seriously delicious and I was extra excited because it was a warm (65 degrees) iced coffee day! Doesn’t happen too often in New England in November. From there we headed to Kittery to do a little shopping. I got these great capris from lululemon for only 44 dollars! I know I’m a little late on the printed activewear thing but  I think I dig them. It’s totally weird not wearing black!

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I guess I wasn’t too interested in taking pictures on Sunday. It was a pretty lazy day with a mid day workout at the Y with my friend Sarah and then dinner out for pizza at Ottos with Angus’ Dad. Have you had an Otto’s cannoli? Put that one on your to do list. Sarah helped me with some rowing technique that will come in real handy for this fitness competition that I am doing. More on that later, and more on that on instagram. (triciaerose)

Okay so if you were really just interested in an 8 minute ab workout you have reached that point in this blog post. Anyone remember “8 minute abs” from the early 2000’s? I don’t really either, and this is not that. Here you go!



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