Wedding Weekend and Old Port Half Marathon

Monday is especially hard after the fabulous weekend we had! The first half of the weekend we spent up at Sunday River to celebrate the marriage of our friends Jeff and Amanda. The rehearsal dinner was a great BBQ and pool party. On the day of the wedding Angus spent most of the day taking pictures with the rest of the wedding party so I took the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful day and went swimming at a nearby pond with my aunt and cousins.


The ceremony was right on the slope of Lollapolooza and it was so cool feeling like you were right in the mountains! The reception was so beautifully decorated and I loved all of the little details. We had a lot of fun dancing. So much so that I woke up the next day sore!



 This is the point where I started to regret signing up for the Old Port Half Marathon two days earlier. If you’re wondering how you missed all my training posts, don’t worry- you didn’t. I run once a week (about 4 miles) on Mondays and then I go and get iced coffee. That is how much I run. Every once in a while maybe I’ll do that twice in one week. The rest of my training includes teaching spin classes, cycling outdoors, circuit training, and swimming. So naturally I thought it was a good idea to try and run 13.1 miles.

I loved that the race course weaved along the familiar streets of the Portland penninsula. There were two major hills on the course, one going from Commercial street up to the West End, and the other going from Commercial street up to the East End. The hills were not the hardest part in my opinion. The first 8.5 miles were a breeze and then the course hits the back cove trail. It was SO sunny, and SO hot and you can see all the way around the 3 mile loop and it feels like it goes on forever. I’ve also run that trail about 10 billion times so it can get boring for me. The good part was that once you were off the trail there were only 2 miles left until the finish! As soon as I finished I took advantage of the free food that the race provided because I was STARVING for the last 3 miles. I was really happy with my time 2:06 (averaging 9:38 min/ mile). I wasn’t really sure what to expect since I’ve never run that far before and I was hoping for anything under 10 min/mile.

Over all I really enjoyed the race and will probably do it again next year. I know this race got a lot of bad reviews in the past because of the course and I know they previously ran out of water at the water stops. Everything seemed under control this year. The course was changed a bit, the water stops were not at the bottom of long down hills, and they didn’t run out of water or gatorade. 😀


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