Vermont Mountain Biking


Last weekend we spent some time in Vermont and did some great mountain biking. Even though Angus lived in Vermont for an entire summer, I still don’t feel like I’ve spent much time biking there and this weekend was such a treat! We stayed with my parent’s friends in Stowe and had a great time! On Saturday we biked on some trails right in Stowe that I would have had no clue existed if we weren’t shown around. We rode in two different places: Sterling Valley and  the Hardy’s Haul trail. Both trails were super fun! Sterling Valley has some up hill but is not all up hill and we rode a great trail that had a bunch of (well made) bridges. Hardy’s Haul was ALL up hill for about three miles and then you come down a nice winding switchback trail called Kimmer’s. Or you can just go right back down the way you came. That would have been fun too.

After riding we enjoyed some of Vermont’s finest foods: Cabot cheese, Bob’s Bread, and Ben and Jerry’s! Oh, and a hot tub 🙂

On Sunday we drove to Kingdom Trails to visit their mountain bike trails. One of our wedding presents was a seasons pass to these trails and it was my first time ever going. When we got there I was sort of like “what on earth is this place?” because normally you park in a dirt parking lot in the woods and there is a little shack that takes your money and then you go ride on trails. You also don’t typically see many people.This was a little different because you parked in a little town that was FILLED with mountain bikers. I didn’t even realize that so many people biked. The riding here was great, even though you have to bike up a GIGANTIC hilly road to actually get to the trails. There are miles and miles of trails and beautiful views. There is also terrain for everyone, even if you’re a beginner. If you ever get a chance to go here, you should!IMG_1230

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