Urban Runoff 5k and Summer Race Planning

Good morning! Today seems like a good day to think about summer and racing and anything other than the fact that it is SNOWING out. On Saturday we did the Urban Runoff 5k which was a great race that was put on right in our neighborhood. It was fun to race on trails that I run regularly (Angus laughs at me when I say “for fun”) and since IDEXX was a sponsor team I saw lots of people I knew at the race from classes! 


I was hoping for a sub 24 minute 5k but that didn’t happen. In fact, I got the same exact (to the second!) time I got for the last 5k I did. Guess what, my friends? When you make the same mistake you get the same result! Need to get my pacing under control and not run like a bat out of hell the first mile. Things to work on! I got over the disappointment fast with a waffle brunch with some women who take my classes. 



So what’s next? This time of year I shift my training and run and bike way more than I strength train. I’m still trying to get two days of weights in a week: one lighter workout (tabatas, AMRAPS, etc) with lighter weights and then one harder lift (mostly bench) a week. Other than that it’s run, bike, swim! Here’s what I’m looking at for racing this summer. Anything after July is very up in the air. Are you doing any of these races? Are there any I should consider? 

May 29- Pineland Farms Trail Running Festival 25k

June 12- Sebago Lake Triathlon Festival Sprint TRI

July 9- Old Port Half Marathon

(I am an ambassador for this race! I have done the half and the 5k and it’s such a great morning and so much fun to run through the streets of downtown Portland. If you would like to do the race here is a little discount! Sign up and then go treat yourself to a coffee with your big savings.)

Old Port Graphic


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