TRX/KB Workout and Playlist

I thought today was going to be a snow day but instead it’s more like a rain day. Maybe that is a sign that spring is coming? Today I’m pretty psyched to be teaching some lunch time TRX/Kettlebell classes at IDEXX. I’ve been teaching a whole lot of spin classes lately and I’m excited to get the chance to play with the TRX and Kettlebells again. 🙂 Have you ever tried one of these types of classes? A lot of gyms are offering them now and a lot of gyms also have these out on the fitness floor for you to do your own workouts with. Here is the workout we’re doing today if you want to give it a try on your own. I also thought I’d throw in a playlist to go along with it. If you have an questions about any of the exercises, shoot me an e-mail or a comment!


45 seconds on each exercise with 15 seconds rest/ getting ready for the next exercise

3-4 rounds of the circuit

1. TRX row

2. Single arm kettlebell swing (alternating arms with each swing)

3. Jump Squats

4. TRX push up

5. Single arm kettlebell thruster (5 on one arm then switch)

6. Burpees

7.TRX hamstring curl

8. Kettlebell “triple threat” (squat, bicep curl, overhead press, tricep extension)

9. Split squat jumps


30 Seconds of each exercise. 3 times through the circuit.

1.  mountain climbers

2. oblique twists w/ kettlebell

3. bicycle abs

4. plank



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