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Rounds Workout

Good morning! Today I’m spending lots of time cooking and getting ready to head to the mountains this weekend for “ski weekend” with my friends! Sadly the temperatures look frigid and I’m not sure how much snow there actually is to ski on. I’m sure we’re in for a fun weekend either way!

 I’m sharing an awesome workout with you today. I had my class at the YMCA do it last Friday and it looked so much fun I decided to do it with my friend and gym buddy Sarah on Sunday. I actually have two friends named Sarah that I often workout with (not usually at the same time) and it confuses the heck out of Angus. I also have two friends named Emily who I often drink wine with. Also a confusing situation. Here you go!

Rounds Workout

100 Reps Workout

Happy Wednesday! This week has felt like it has gone on and on since I worked Sunday which I normally don’t do. Looking forward to a fun weekend with guests and going to a wedding and enjoying this beautiful Maine summer. But first! A workout. I did this workout with my class at the YMCA a month or so ago and it was a big hit. So much so that one of the members recreated it themselves while they were on vacation last week. Sounds to me like you can use a kitty litter box instead of a kettlebell if you don’t have one. Now, I’m not sure I would recommend this but apparently it worked. HAH! So anyway, it’s quick (About 20-25 minutes) and you don’t need much equipment. A kettlebell (maybe two 😉 ) is all you need! Enjoy!


Countdown Workout

Good morning! Here is a quick, easy workout that you can do almost everywhere! All you need is a kettlebell. I recommend going slightly heavier than you would normally go for a typical circuit class because you will not be doing that many repetitions in a row. The workout only takes about 20 minutes to complete. Rest as needed. 🙂 Have fun! 


Stadium Workout

Greetings from my patio. Spring has definitely sprung and maybe we’ve just skipped spring all together and moved right on to summer. I am very okay with that. Today started with a spin class at IDEXX and I’m getting ready to head back over to teach some more classes. THEN I will be spending some time outside this afternoon! This workout is an awesome workout that my friend Sarah and I have been doing once a week or so. Get ready for your calves to be sore!! 



Kettlebell & Plyo Workout

Good snowy monday morning! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine included lots of fitness, food, and fun as usual! Friday evening included a trip to Petco for a NEW PARAKEET. Meet Lucky:

photo 3 copy 9

Saturday Angus and I went to a hot yoga class at Greener Postures followed by a walk in the old port and lobster bisque for dinner at my parent’s house. On Sunday we went for a bike ride (first of the season) with some friends from college and then we were finally able check out the new rock gym in Portland and had a great afternoon climbing! 

photo 1 copy 13

Now here’s a great workout to kick off your week. I’ve done this myself, and have taught it in a few classes and everyone’s been loving it!  All you need are two kettlebells (1 larger, and one smaller) and a box for box jumps. If you don’t have a box, burpees are a great substitution. 🙂 

kb plyo

4×6 Workout

Hello! The sun is finally shining and the weather is warming up JUST enough for me to start thinking spring around here. Yesterday I went for my first outdoor run of the season and it was snowy but it was nice not being freezing. I also saw a baby french bulldog in Capisic Park which means I will be running through there a lot more to try to see it again. ANYWAY… here is a great workout. I made my class at the Y do it a few weeks ago, then I thought it looked awesome so I tried it, and then I gave it to Angus. Then Angus lost the workout. And now there are tiny shreds of paper all over our laundry. hmmm…. So, I decided to recreate it and post it on the internet so it won’t go through the laundry again. Now everyone can enjoy it. Have a great Tuesday!!!Unknown

Winter Run & Strength Workout

Winter is officially in full swing after this weekend. We still don’t have much snow here in Portland but it at least looks and feels like winter now. On Saturday Angus and I were able to get out ice skating in Deering Oaks Park. The ice was PERFECT and I’m so glad we went before it all got destroyed with the mini snow/ice storm we got on Saturday night.

photo copy 4

On Sunday we went to the YMCA and did this workout. It was a great workout and a good way to get some running in if you hate treadmills but it’s too snowy or icy to run outside. Give it a try!

Run and Strength


Strength Circuit

In honor of my first day of teaching at the Y I thought I would share a little circuit workout. This is the workout that I did for class today. There were only 4 people in class today but it was a really fun workout and everyone seemed to have a good time. This is the only class on my schedule right now that is not a spin class and I can already tell I’m going to have a lot of fun with it! So here you go…


October Ab Challenge!

Untitled 2

Good morning everyone and happy October! I have created this little challenge for the month of October. Core work is the first thing I often skip out on. I always have great plans to do some abs after I run or bike and then I just get thirsty and hungry and then I want to take a shower. SO it rarely happens. I’m doing this little challenge just to get me to do more core work. It’s very simple and it’s not designed to get you 6 pack abs in 4 weeks. No. It’s just a fun little way to get more core work in. SO WHO IS WITH ME? There are just a few different exercises on the calendar and most people can do them! No equipment needed and it will take less than 5 minutes a day. (For the oblique twists you might want to use a medicine ball if you have one. Or in the spirit of October how about a PUMPKIN?!) Anyway, if you have any questions on how to perform any of the exercises shoot me a comment or an email and HAVE FUN! 😀

TRX/Kettlebell Workout

This is the awesome workout that I did last week at IDEXX that I promised to share. Sorry it’s so late! This week has been a busy week getting ready for the “Tri for the Y” sprint triathlon that I’m doing this Sunday. Spring has finally made an appearance in Portland and unfortunately it’s going away just in time for the weekend. Good thing I spent three years racing bicycles in college and I know how to ride in the rain. Anyway, here is the workout! Let me know if you have any questions on any of the exercises. 🙂 Have fun!

trx kb workout