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Balls, Bells, and Boxes Workout

Good morning! It is hard to believe that Christmas is only 9 days away. Naturally it also means that it is time for some themed workouts! This workout you just need a medicine ball (the big cloth ones work the best),  a Kettlebell, and a box! Some of the exercises might be new to you or maybe I just called them something weird so I’ve provided you with a handy little guide of the exercises in this workout. Let me know if you give it a try!

balls bells boxes


The Anywhere Workout

Good morning and happy Thanksgiving-eve! Is that a thing? Well I just made it one. This is the first Thanksgiving eve that I will not be spending getting outrageously frustrated making pies! My dish to bring is BRUSSELS SPROUTS! So easy and hopefully no frustration. I always like the IDEA of making pies and I think it will be fun- then disaster strikes in some way shape or form every year. Broken crust, not enough apples, SOMETHING always happens. But not this year because no pies for me. Tomorrow morning Angus and I are running the 4 miler in Portland and then heading to my parent’s house for some feasting. The perfect day.

Anyway, I know lots of you are going away for Thanksgiving to places with no gyms or weights and wondering “what on earth am I going to do for a workout?!” Stress no more I’ve got you covered. Here is a “do anywhere” workout! It’ll take you less than 30 minutes and have you feeling good! No weights! The only thing you might think needs a weight are the russian twists. You can do them without- focus on moving slowly and tapping the ground on each side! Or grab something around the house like a milk jug. 


Weekend and 8 minute Abs

Monday monday! I actually don’t really mind Monday’s anymore because they’re not one of my busiest days at this point. I used to hate Monday because my least favorite shift of the week (closing at the gym) coincidentally happened on Monday. Not fair, I know. Now that’s not an issue so Monday’s are totally reasonable. I do miss training a very loyal Monday night client though!

Another fun weekend in the books! On Friday we headed down to Manchester to celebrate Matt and Chris’ wedding. It was so beautiful and great to see some old friends from UNH that we have not seen in a very long time! 

photo 1 copy

photo 2 copy

photo 3 copy

On Saturday we stopped by Newmarket on the way home to eat breakfast at our favorite breakfast place: The Big Bean. It was seriously delicious and I was extra excited because it was a warm (65 degrees) iced coffee day! Doesn’t happen too often in New England in November. From there we headed to Kittery to do a little shopping. I got these great capris from lululemon for only 44 dollars! I know I’m a little late on the printed activewear thing but  I think I dig them. It’s totally weird not wearing black!

photo 4 copy

photo 5 copy

I guess I wasn’t too interested in taking pictures on Sunday. It was a pretty lazy day with a mid day workout at the Y with my friend Sarah and then dinner out for pizza at Ottos with Angus’ Dad. Have you had an Otto’s cannoli? Put that one on your to do list. Sarah helped me with some rowing technique that will come in real handy for this fitness competition that I am doing. More on that later, and more on that on instagram. (triciaerose)

Okay so if you were really just interested in an 8 minute ab workout you have reached that point in this blog post. Anyone remember “8 minute abs” from the early 2000’s? I don’t really either, and this is not that. Here you go!



The 12 Hills of Christmas + Other Festivities

Hello everyone! It’s cold, rainy and gray here in Maine and it doesn’t feel like Christmas weather. The festivities keep rolling despite the weather and that really helps. Last weekend I had a cookie swap at my house with some friends. It was my first year having one and it might have to become a holiday tradition. Everyone brought different cookies, then you try a bunch of cookies, and make an assortment of all the cookies to take home with you. It was fun to see what everyone made. Oh, and there was lots of winter sangria as well. 🙂

photo 1 copy 5 photo 2 copy 5

Last night I taught this “12 Hills of Christmas” spin workout. I’m teaching again today and will definitely be doing it again. The profile of the ride starts out with some fast sprints before moving on to the hills. Each hill is 1 minute long and they’re all a little bit different (standing, seated, a combo of both). After the climb there’s a fast downhill (aka rest) for 15-20 seconds. Before climbing the next hill we ride on a flat road at a “comfortably hard” pace for about 40 seconds. After the hills there’s another sprinting section. It was a great ride and everyone really enjoyed it! Here is the playlist I used for the ride. Only Christmas songs for warm up and cool down. I can’t recall the last time someone got really motivated to ride fast to “Jingle Bells”….

Strength Training

I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about what I do for my own training. YES I DO GO TO THE GYM! I go through phases- sometimes I will find a class that I LOVE (usually circuit training) and go to it all the time, and sometimes I just lift weights on my own (or with my husband or any friend I can possibly drag along with me), and sometimes I stay outside and do running+ bodyweight strength training. Lately I’ve been lifting weights on my own at the Y. I love the room they have because no one is ever in it and I can pretend I have my own personal gym for mere 35 dollars a month. Here is the strength workout that I’ve been doing lately:

Box Jumps (18”)- 3 sets of 15

Bench Press- 3 sets of 12- 45#,50#,55#

Back Squats- 3 sets of 12- 45#,65#,95#

KB Swings- 3 sets of 20 (I have no clue what weight the kettle bells at the Y are because a lot of them aren’t labeled… oh well.)

Bicep Curls w/ dumbbells- 2 sets of 15- 12#,15#

Tricep Extensions w/ bar- 2 sets of 15- 30#

Chest Flys w/ dumbbells- 3 sets of 12- 12#,12#, 15#

Seated Row- 3 sets of 12- 30#,45#,60#

Leg Press- 3 sets of 12- 160#,170#, 175#


12 Days of Christmas Workout


So this idea isn’t original but I love it anyway and here is my own version of it. Maybe you’re off of work already for the week and have a few extra hours to kill. Take a break from all the shopping, baking and eating and head to the gym (or outside, in your home… etc.) and try my 12 Days of Christmas Workout!

12 Days of Christmas Workout

Perform the workout just like the song.  Example: Round 1: 1. 30 Second Plank; Round 2: 1. 30 Second Plank, 2 20 Second Wall Sits, 3 Squat Thrusters…. Yep! That means when you get to 12 you are doing EVERYTHING! If you forget how the song goes here’s a refresher!

1. 30 Second Plank

2. 20 Second Wall Sits

3. Squat Thrusters

4. Broad Jumps

5. Oblique Twists

6. Push Ups

7. Jump Squats

8. Plank Jumping Jacks Count each one when you bring your feet together.

9. Burpees

10. Walking Lunges

11. Mountain Climbers

12. Skaters

Okay, that’s it. Give it a try and let me know how it goes!!!

Outdoor Workout

It may be getting cold outside but it has yet to stop me from exercising outdoors. Today I braved the cold fall temperatures and headed out to do this great workout. My friend Sarah is heading to basic training in a few months and was looking for a good workout (that includes push ups ;)) to get ready for training. I came up with this crossfit inspired workout and we’ve been doing it every week! Give it a try!  It’s a great challenge and it’s fun to try to beat your previous time. Before the workout make sure you do a proper warm up. I like to run a few miles and do some dynamic stretching. For a cool down I run the few miles back home.

The Workout:

20 Jump Squats

15 Push Ups

10 Sit Ups

400 meter Run

Do four rounds for time. What does this mean? See how fast you can do all four rounds. If you have to take breaks, that’s okay! Next time you do the workout try to take fewer breaks and watch your time drop. Have fun and get out there before everything is covered in snow! Enjoy 🙂