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Thanksgiving Weekend

Good morning! I hope that everyone enjoyed their long weekend and had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know that I did! My weekend actually wasn’t a long weekend since I worked my normal schedule on Friday but everyone had that “holiday-long weekend energy” so it was fun. Here’s a little recap of the weekend’s festivities: 

Thursday (Thanksgiving) began with the Thanksgiving Day 4 miler road race here in Portland. My time was 33:10 even with a pit stop to tie my shoes! They came untied and I was so mad! That has never happened before and I’m pretty sure I’m going to be paranoid about it in every race here on out. 

photo 1 copy 4

After the race I came home and made my dish to bring to Thanksgiving dinner. I made the Roasted Brussels Sprouts Salad from Juli Bauer’s Paleo Cookbook. It was a hit! 

photo 2 copy 4

Around noon we headed over to my parent’s house to have Thanksgiving dinner with my parents, aunt, uncle, and cousins, and my grandmother. It was a delicious feast! Here’s a look at the menu:

photo 3 copy 4

On Friday I was up bright and early to go teach a few classes at LLBEAN and the YMCA. Afterwards I went shopping at the Anthropologie black friday sale with my mom and then later in the day Angus and I went out for drinks and to the tree lighting with his mom and step dad. Later we met up with my friend Alex for drinks and thought we were going to be home for a late dinner and then ended up staying out until 11! 

photo 4 copy 2

Saturday I was up early again to go to the Y to meet a friend to do the FMFW training workout that we missed on Thursday because of the holiday. The training is getting hard! Afterwards was breakfast at Local Sprouts and then some Christmas shopping in the Old Port. A pretty low key day!

Sunday was time for adventure! Angus and I went to Pleasant Mountain (Shawnee Peak) for a hike and bike adventure. We left our bikes at one side of the mountain, drove to the other, and then hiked up and over the mountain back to our bikes, and then rode them back to the car! I’ll probably post a longer blog on this at some point because it was really fun and also close (about an hour) to Portland! Here are a few pictures to get you started 🙂 

photo 1 copy 3

photo 2 copy 3

photo 3 copy 3


Weekend and 8 minute Abs

Monday monday! I actually don’t really mind Monday’s anymore because they’re not one of my busiest days at this point. I used to hate Monday because my least favorite shift of the week (closing at the gym) coincidentally happened on Monday. Not fair, I know. Now that’s not an issue so Monday’s are totally reasonable. I do miss training a very loyal Monday night client though!

Another fun weekend in the books! On Friday we headed down to Manchester to celebrate Matt and Chris’ wedding. It was so beautiful and great to see some old friends from UNH that we have not seen in a very long time! 

photo 1 copy

photo 2 copy

photo 3 copy

On Saturday we stopped by Newmarket on the way home to eat breakfast at our favorite breakfast place: The Big Bean. It was seriously delicious and I was extra excited because it was a warm (65 degrees) iced coffee day! Doesn’t happen too often in New England in November. From there we headed to Kittery to do a little shopping. I got these great capris from lululemon for only 44 dollars! I know I’m a little late on the printed activewear thing but  I think I dig them. It’s totally weird not wearing black!

photo 4 copy

photo 5 copy

I guess I wasn’t too interested in taking pictures on Sunday. It was a pretty lazy day with a mid day workout at the Y with my friend Sarah and then dinner out for pizza at Ottos with Angus’ Dad. Have you had an Otto’s cannoli? Put that one on your to do list. Sarah helped me with some rowing technique that will come in real handy for this fitness competition that I am doing. More on that later, and more on that on instagram. (triciaerose)

Okay so if you were really just interested in an 8 minute ab workout you have reached that point in this blog post. Anyone remember “8 minute abs” from the early 2000’s? I don’t really either, and this is not that. Here you go!



Weekend Fun

Good morning and good Monday! This weekend was packed with fun and a perfect mix of end of summer activities and fall activities. I don’t think it gets any better than that! Thursday evening my good friend, Liz, came up to visit for a few days from Boston. We kicked off the weekend with a happy hour drink (or two) at the Corner Room and then did some grilling at home and had a fire.

On Friday I had some classes to teach in the morning and then Liz and I headed to the beach! I still can not believe that we were swimming in the ocean this late in September. The water definitely wasn’t warm but then again it never is in Maine!

photo 1 copy 8

After the beach we came home and showered and then headed out to get some pizza at Otto’s. We also managed to get our own little (GENEROUS) wine tasting because we didn’t know which one we would like to order. Sometimes being indecisive is a very good thing. We were not indecisive on the pulled pork and mango pizza. That was easy.

photo 2 copy 8

photo 3 copy 6

On Saturday we started the day off by getting donuts from the Holy Donut and then we went over to the farmer’s market. I love the mix of things at the farmers market right now: pumpkins, apples, watermelons… they have it all! After the market we went home to get bikes and then went for a nice ride downtown to do some shopping. Liz headed back to Boston later in the afternoon and then I went up to Bradbury Mountain to check out a mountain bike race that Angus was doing.

Sunday began with a delicious breakfast at the Bayou Kitchen (we had never been there before yesterday!) with our friend Neil who stayed with us Saturday night. After breakfast was some grocery shopping and then apple picking! We went to Orchard Hill in Cumberland and enjoyed a cider donut, some apple cider, and some pretty fine apple picking.

photo 4 copy 6

After apple picking I went for a mountain bike ride on the trails in Portland. I always forget how much I enjoy mountain biking until fall hits. Then I am all about it! Angus has a cold so opted to stay home which was disappointing but I had a good hour-long ride anyway.

photo 5 copy 5

After my ride I decided to put some of those apples to good use and make an apple crisp. So good! Sunday was a lazy evening hanging out on the couch watching the Age of Adaline. It was a good movie but I think that the previews made it look better. 

photo 2




Weekend & Playlist

I think that this is the only weekend in a while and for a while that there was NOTHING on the schedule. I love the feeling of waking up and being able to do whatever you want with your day! Portland is such a fun city to live in and I’m perfectly happy spending a weekend at home. Saturday included a visit from the cutest boston terrier ever, the sidewalk art festival, shopping and gelato in the old port, and some patio time. Sunday was a little rainier but we made the most out of it by shopping in Freeport (early before the crowds arrived), some lounging, and a yoga class at Greener Postures. 

photo 2 copy 3

photo 3 copy

photo 4 copy

photo 5 copy

Now it’s Tuesday and I’m spending some quality time making up new workouts and playlists for the week! Here’s some new tunes that I’m going to use for lunchtime cycle at IDEXX yesterday! Enjoy 🙂 


Wedding Weekend Fun

This past weekend was pack full of fun. We had visitors and spent lots of time bopping around Portland- going to restaurants, enjoying the farmers market, the beach…my favorite summertime activities!

We also had a great wedding to attend up in the Orono area on Saturday. Congratulations Travis and Mary! I had never been to a backyard wedding before and I loved it! There was so much thought and love that Mary put into making all of the decorations for the wedding. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the evening! 

We made a quick trip to the Orono Brewing Company before the wedding and I was totally impressed. Tasty beers and only 7 bucks for these little 5 oz tasters! Highly recommend this place if you’re in the area. 

photo 1 copy

Enjoying the lakeside wedding and a beautiful sunset!

photo 511221900_10101718050919091_5132079043208007093_n

The “bar”.  A canoe full of home brew beers! Pretty much the coolest thing ever.

photo 2 copy

Thai food at a wedding. A first and totally awesome. 

photo 1photo 3

photo 2photo 4

The happy couple! 






Spin Saturday Playlist

Good morning! I hope you all had a great weekend. This was my weekend to teach at Quest cycle so I have a playlist to share with you this morning. After teaching Saturday morning it was finally time to relax after teaching a boatload (14!!!) of classes this week. I was able to watch the parade of tall ships on Saturday afternoon at my parents place on the water which was excellent! I Also got to spend some time with my grandparents who were in town for the weekend hanging out, eating good food, drinking good drinks, and petting the cutest dog in the entire world.

photo 2 copy 11 photo 1 copy 16

And here is your playlist! Have a great week!! 😀 

Kettlebell & Plyo Workout

Good snowy monday morning! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine included lots of fitness, food, and fun as usual! Friday evening included a trip to Petco for a NEW PARAKEET. Meet Lucky:

photo 3 copy 9

Saturday Angus and I went to a hot yoga class at Greener Postures followed by a walk in the old port and lobster bisque for dinner at my parent’s house. On Sunday we went for a bike ride (first of the season) with some friends from college and then we were finally able check out the new rock gym in Portland and had a great afternoon climbing! 

photo 1 copy 13

Now here’s a great workout to kick off your week. I’ve done this myself, and have taught it in a few classes and everyone’s been loving it!  All you need are two kettlebells (1 larger, and one smaller) and a box for box jumps. If you don’t have a box, burpees are a great substitution. 🙂 

kb plyo

Weekend Fun

After three days of rain, we finally got some sun to enjoy this weekend! This was the first weekend in a long time that Angus didn’t have to study for his engineering exam so we took advantage and had some fun!

On Saturday morning I started the day by taking a free crossfit class at Back Cove Cross Fit. The class was really fun and I loved how everyone encouraged complete strangers to work harder. It was a great atmosphere! The workout itself was a little short so afterwards I took advantage of the beautiful weather and went for a run. Angus came back Saturday evening and we went out to dinner at the Green Elephant, a restaurant we have never been to before. The food was delicious and it was extra fun because my old coworker was our waitress.

On Sunday Angus and I went to New Hampshire. We did a few hours of  mountain biking at Fort Rock (the place we used to go mountain biking in college) and then headed to Applecrest Farm for their apple festival and cyclocross race. It was a cool event and we ended up seeing a bunch of our friends from college which was an extra bonus.

Afterwards we headed into Portsmouth for a very late lunch/early dinner at Flatbreads. It has been a while since I’ve been to Portsmouth and there were a lot of cool new shops. We did some wandering, and then had tea and split one of my favorite “7 layer Bars” at Breaking New Grounds before heading back to Maine!

It’s a good thing that so much fun got packed into this weekend because I just looked at the forecast for next weekend and…. snow???

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