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Thanksgiving Weekend

Good morning! I hope that everyone enjoyed their long weekend and had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know that I did! My weekend actually wasn’t a long weekend since I worked my normal schedule on Friday but everyone had that “holiday-long weekend energy” so it was fun. Here’s a little recap of the weekend’s festivities: 

Thursday (Thanksgiving) began with the Thanksgiving Day 4 miler road race here in Portland. My time was 33:10 even with a pit stop to tie my shoes! They came untied and I was so mad! That has never happened before and I’m pretty sure I’m going to be paranoid about it in every race here on out. 

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After the race I came home and made my dish to bring to Thanksgiving dinner. I made the Roasted Brussels Sprouts Salad from Juli Bauer’s Paleo Cookbook. It was a hit! 

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Around noon we headed over to my parent’s house to have Thanksgiving dinner with my parents, aunt, uncle, and cousins, and my grandmother. It was a delicious feast! Here’s a look at the menu:

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On Friday I was up bright and early to go teach a few classes at LLBEAN and the YMCA. Afterwards I went shopping at the Anthropologie black friday sale with my mom and then later in the day Angus and I went out for drinks and to the tree lighting with his mom and step dad. Later we met up with my friend Alex for drinks and thought we were going to be home for a late dinner and then ended up staying out until 11! 

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Saturday I was up early again to go to the Y to meet a friend to do the FMFW training workout that we missed on Thursday because of the holiday. The training is getting hard! Afterwards was breakfast at Local Sprouts and then some Christmas shopping in the Old Port. A pretty low key day!

Sunday was time for adventure! Angus and I went to Pleasant Mountain (Shawnee Peak) for a hike and bike adventure. We left our bikes at one side of the mountain, drove to the other, and then hiked up and over the mountain back to our bikes, and then rode them back to the car! I’ll probably post a longer blog on this at some point because it was really fun and also close (about an hour) to Portland! Here are a few pictures to get you started 🙂 

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Thanksgiving Weekend Fun

I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving! Just like that it’s December. I had a few days off of work for the holiday and managed to pack quite a bit of fitness, food, and fun into my weekend! The snowstorm we received was very unexpected and kept us in Portland for an extra night on Wednesday. It worked out perfectly though because we ended up getting to see some of my family that we would not have seen otherwise. I got out for a trail run with my friend and before we even finished it started snowing. Then I spent the rest of the afternoon baking pies. On Thursday morning I woke up to this beautiful winter wonderland!

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We headed to Orono on Thursday to visit with Angus’ family for a few days. We had a few wonderful dinners, went for a snowy trail run, sledding, many walks and a snowshoe. We really wish we had brought our skis!


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We came back to Portland Saturday afternoon and went to a park to watch the sunset, did some shopping in the old port, enjoyed drinks at the Top of the East Lounge, and then went out to dinner at the Corner Room.

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On Sunday we went to the gym in the morning, then got our Christmas tree and made a homemade wreath. (I’ll post directions on how to make one this week!) In the evening we had another thanksgiving dinner with my parents! I think we’ll be eating turkey for a week 🙂

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