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Snow Day Fun & How to be a Sushi Chef

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Winter is BACK! Even though I have nearly every Wednesday off, I’m always up for an excuse to take a day off to do fun things and a snow day is certainly a perfect excuse. Angus wasn’t working today either which made it even better! We kicked the morning off with an almost private “group” exercise class at the Y and then went to the Front Room for a delicious post-workout brunch. Afterwards we went to Whole Foods to stock up on everything we needed to make our own sushi. I had never made my own sushi before so some extra time on a snowy day seemed like the perfect time become a homemade sushi chef. Whole foods has all of the supplies you need to make your own sushi and all of the ingredients you will need as well. It’s super convenient if you’re into one stop shopping. Maybe hannaford has the stuff too- I’m not sure. It’s relatively simple to make and the only “equipment” you need is a bamboo mat and some cling wrap. All of the “weird” sushi ingredients (like seaweed and sushi rice should be right there in the same aisle.) Then you can get creative! We made rolls with crab, avocado and carrot, as well as some salmon avocado rolls. Delicious! It’s a little bit of a learning curve with rolling up the sushi but once you get the hang of it it’s a piece of cake! I can’t wait to try again sometime soon 🙂 Want to give it a try? Take a look around this website to get started. Have fun!!!