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Vermont Ski Weekend

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I was really excited when I got an e-mail yesterday from my boss saying that we could wear green to work today instead of the usual black. I thought this would be really fun until I realized that I don’t have a single piece of green activewear. So I’ll be wearing black, just like every day. 

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This weekend was spent up in Vermont visiting some family friends for a ski weekend. Friday night we enjoyed homemade pizzas in Bob’s brick oven. THE BEST! On Saturday the rain held off enough to get a great day of skiing in. The conditions were pretty good but man the slopes were crowded. At one point the trails were like a tsunami of skiers. We skied at Stowe and I couldn’t believe that ticket prices were 108.00! We didn’t pay that price but I’m sure lots of people on the slopes did. Unbelievable! After skiing on Saturday we visited a friend of Angus and went to see his new house that he built before coming back and relaxing by the fire with some wine. We also enjoyed this treat from Laughing Moon Chocolates in Stowe. A GIANT CARAMEL APPLE! I was in heaven.

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On Sunday we went back to the mountain for another day of skiing. It snowed a few inches overnight so the conditions were awesome! Visibility was another story though. You couldn’t see ANYTHING at the top of the mountain! And it was windy. Very windy. We skied a half day before getting ready to head back to Maine. On our way out of town we stopped at the Laughing Moon Chocolate store that was recommended to us and got a few treats. Definitely stop there if you’re ever in the area! It is fabulous. Then we stopped at the Ben and Jerry’s factory. Just because. 🙂 We took a little detour through Portsmouth on the way home and had dinner at the Portsmouth Brewery to break up the drive. Luckily we arrived home just in time to squeeze the last episode of House of Cards season 3 before bed. Why is the best episode always the last in the season?!? I can’t wait for more 🙂 





Urban Ski Adventure

Today was the first major snow storm (or really first snow storm in general) this year. The gym was closed which meant snow day for me and Angus didn’t go to work either. Spent the morning eating pancakes and lounging around before heading out on this awesome snow day ski adventure. I have never skied downtown during a snow storm so today seemed like the perfect day to make a big loop. We were hoping that a bar might be open that we could stop in but EVERYTHING was closed. I think Subway was open but that was it.

Here’s a map of the route:

photo copy 6

The first stop was at my parent’s house to see this adorable pooch. He loves to eat snow so I fed him a bowl of snow before we headed out on our loop.

photo 1

Heading downtown via Back Cove:

photo 10

photo 11

Made it to Monument Square! Blizzard in full force.

photo 15

Exploring the streets of the Old Port. Looking for a bar or somewhere cool to stop. No luck.


photo 2

Heading back home via Congress Street and the giant hill on Deering Ave. No traffic!!!!

photo 3

Yup, that’s a snowmobile you see in the picture below.

photo 4

Adventure complete! Home sweet home 🙂

photo 5

Maine Huts and Trails Ski Trip

This past weekend Angus and I did an overnight stay at the Maine Huts and Trails. This is a really cool organization that is pretty new. They have all of these different huts that are connected by cross country ski trails. You ski into the hut and then they cook you dinner, breakfast, and give you stuff to make a lunch the next day. There are different types of sleeping accommodations but most are shared bunk rooms (sort of like a hostel). We were very lucky and only had to share our room with one other couple who were about our age as well! The staff was very nice and the food was delicious and creative.


The first day we got a little lost and ended up skiing 8 extra miles (up a GIANT hill/mountain) and then had to turn around to get back on the trail that actually goes up to the hut. So, that wasn’t that awesome… and even less awesome when you’re skiing with a giant backpack… but once we got to the hut it was really nice and warm and a good place to be. We stayed at the Poplar Stream hut and it’s about three miles to get into it (if you don’t go the wrong way). It was pretty hilly to get up there but nothing compared to the wrong turn we took so it wasn’t terrible.


The next day we went for a little ski before we headed back home. We just went a few miles further up the trail and then turned around. There were some cool waterfalls to see (a short hike from the trail) and the trails were freshly groomed that morning so conditions were perfect! Overall it was a fun trip that I’d like to try to do again! It would be really cool to do a couple of days and stay at a couple of different places.


Ski Weekend

What a week it has been! Last weekend we traveled to Twin Mountain, New Hampshire for a weekend of skiing. Good food, good friends, good skiing. On Friday Angus and I took advantage of Wildcat’s 2 for 1 ticket prices and went for a Valentines Day ski in some fresh powder. And wind. Probably the windiest day I have ever seen on the slopes. After skiing we went out for a romantic pizza dinner at Flatbreads in North Conway complete with tons of screaming (excited for vacation) children running around.


Saturday all of our friends arrived at the house and we went to the Mount Washington Hotel for chocolate skiing. Chocolate skiing is something I’ve done just about every year since high school and it was always amazing! Long ski + stops to enjoy homemade chocolates is probably the best situation I can think of. This year the chocolate ski was organized by someone else and it was LAME. There were hardly any chocolate stops and everything ran out. AND it was more expensive than year’s past. We complained and got our $ back and some free trail passes to come back another time. Squeaky wheel gets the grease!


On Sunday we hit the slopes again but this time at Cannon. It was warmer, not as windy, and a perfect ski day! When we got back to the house we enjoyed some drinks and a delicious feast of soup and grilled cheese.

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By Monday my legs were pretty toast but we had those free tickets to go back to the nordic trails at the Mount Washington Hotel. Angus and I went for a fast and chilly skate ski and hit the road to go back home to Portland. After a fabulous four days of skiing I’m now teaching bunches of spin classes this week and MAN do my legs want a break! I would also like a break from commuting in the snow. Snow is great on the trails but not on I95.



Snow Day Fun

Today I woke up to another winter wonderland! I guess I picked the wrong year to not coach skiing… Saturday night into Sunday was our first major snow storm. I was very excited to find out that I wouldn’t have to work on Sunday morning and could enjoy a day filled with all sorts of snow day fun. In the morning we lounged around an enjoyed some homemade blueberry scones for breakfast and hung out by the fire. By the afternoon the snow stopped and we were left with a winter wonderland playground. You know what that means? Skiing! Ever since I started skiing in high school skiing through the streets on a snow day has been my favorite activity. Angus and I got out the back country skis and did a great loop around the streets of the neighborhood and through the Fore River Sanctuary. Here are some pictures from our first snow day of the year in Portland!