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Coconut Water Reviews

So what’s the deal with coconut water? It’s no doubt one of the latest health trends. Well, I have jumped in the bandwagon and can’t get enough of this delicious beverage. I use it as a recovery drink after running or biking in the summer. It is cool, refreshing, low in calories, and packed full of electrolytes. Did I always like coconut water? No. The first sip I tried many years ago I thought was disgusting. I imagined it to be creamy and delicious and needless to say it failed to meet my expectations. I kept trying different coconut waters and eventually developed a taste for it and now I’m just hooked! They sell it everywhere: supermarkets, cafes, and even gas stations! I love the ones mixed with fruit juice but if

I buy a big one to bring home I will get pure coconut water and mix with a splash of OJ. Here’s the scoop on a couple of coconut waters:

Vita Coco

This is my favorite! It’s also usually the most expensive. This is the brand that I most often see at coffee shops, and small markets. They also sell bigger bottles at the grocery store. From what I can tell, the fruit flavors are made with 100% juice, coconut water, and that’s it.

One Coconut Water

This is the brand I usually get if I buy a big bottle at the grocery store. It’s a little cheaper than vita coco but is still pretty tasty. This brand is also the one I usually find at gas stations. Beware of the flavored versions of One. They contain straight up sugar. If you want sugar go buy a soda. Coconut water shouldn’t have this as an ingredient!

Trader Joe’s Coconut Water

This is my budget version of coconut water. The sell it in Liter bottles at Trader Joe’s for 2.99. This is at least a dollar cheap than the other versions. I don’t think it tastes quite as good but maybe the savings are worth it.

There are a plethora of other coconut waters out there on the shelves. Zico is another brand that I have yet to try but is usually readily available. There are also some ones that come in cans and even have real pieces of coconut floating in them. Take a second to look on the back of the bottle and see what’s really in that bottle. What coconut water is your favorite? Any I didn’t mention?