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Winter Running Layers


It’s coming! Winter is almost here. This picture is from last Tuesday when I went for my first wintery run. If you’ve been running all summer and usually give up this time of year because it’s cold, dark, and often snowy, think again! Keep going! I guarantee, once you are out there you won’t even care that it is 20 degrees, snowing, and windy AND it’s a great reason to treat yourself to a post-run hot chocolate. Challenge yourself to keep your routine through the winter season. Wearing the right clothes can make a HUGE difference. Here’s my favorite outfit for a snowy winter run. And yes, I know you’re all thinking you’ve seen me out there in cotton EVERYTHING. It’s because I’m bad at laundry and all my good stuff is dirty. 😉

Skida Hat/Headband I love these! They are lightweight and breathable but still keep me warm in the coldest of temperatures. They come in all sorts of fun bright colors, too 🙂

Base Layer I always wear some sort of base layer…. if it’s really cold, go for the long sleeves. Craft makes a good one that I have had for YEARS but my new favorite is the lululemon swiftly long sleeve shirt.

Jacket Invest in a good lightweight but warm winter running jacket. I have two that I love. One is by Swix and the other is by Craft. They’re a little pricey but well worth it. You will have the jacket forever and it will be sooooo much better than running in that raincoat. (Anyone ever try running in a raincoat? It’s BAD.) These jackets keep you warm and toasty but allow air to circulate.

Pants If you think you can wear those cotton leggins from Target to run in the winter, think again. You will have the coldest legs ever. Here’s what you need to keep your legs toasty and happy. I either wear a fleece lined tight or any fleece lined pant, or a windblock pant by Swix. Helpful hint: TJ Maxx almost always has fleece lined pants by Hind or New Balance for about 20$. Deal!

Socks Wool! Smartwool! That’s all 🙂

Gloves Gloves are probably the one thing I’ll skimp on for winter running. If you’ve ever seen those spandex gloves at the grocery store or target for 1.00 those are what I wear 99% of the time. That or thin bike gloves. If you’re running then you’ll probably get hot and you can stuff these in your pocket when you don’t want them anymore. If it’s really cold maybe wear a mitten.

photo copy 13

Well there it is- my winter running (or nordic skiing) outfit. Avoid cotton and you’ll be a happy winter runner just like me.