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Weekend Fun

Good morning and good Monday! This weekend was packed with fun and a perfect mix of end of summer activities and fall activities. I don’t think it gets any better than that! Thursday evening my good friend, Liz, came up to visit for a few days from Boston. We kicked off the weekend with a happy hour drink (or two) at the Corner Room and then did some grilling at home and had a fire.

On Friday I had some classes to teach in the morning and then Liz and I headed to the beach! I still can not believe that we were swimming in the ocean this late in September. The water definitely wasn’t warm but then again it never is in Maine!

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After the beach we came home and showered and then headed out to get some pizza at Otto’s. We also managed to get our own little (GENEROUS) wine tasting because we didn’t know which one we would like to order. Sometimes being indecisive is a very good thing. We were not indecisive on the pulled pork and mango pizza. That was easy.

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On Saturday we started the day off by getting donuts from the Holy Donut and then we went over to the farmer’s market. I love the mix of things at the farmers market right now: pumpkins, apples, watermelons… they have it all! After the market we went home to get bikes and then went for a nice ride downtown to do some shopping. Liz headed back to Boston later in the afternoon and then I went up to Bradbury Mountain to check out a mountain bike race that Angus was doing.

Sunday began with a delicious breakfast at the Bayou Kitchen (we had never been there before yesterday!) with our friend Neil who stayed with us Saturday night. After breakfast was some grocery shopping and then apple picking! We went to Orchard Hill in Cumberland and enjoyed a cider donut, some apple cider, and some pretty fine apple picking.

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After apple picking I went for a mountain bike ride on the trails in Portland. I always forget how much I enjoy mountain biking until fall hits. Then I am all about it! Angus has a cold so opted to stay home which was disappointing but I had a good hour-long ride anyway.

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After my ride I decided to put some of those apples to good use and make an apple crisp. So good! Sunday was a lazy evening hanging out on the couch watching the Age of Adaline. It was a good movie but I think that the previews made it look better. 

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Fall Yard Work



Is your yard covered in leaves like mine is right now? If you own a house you’re probably used to the annual fall clean up. Try looking at it differently this year and think twice before you reach for your wallet to pay the neighborhood kid to rake your leaves. Raking leaves and other yard work you might have to do this time of year can burn a significant amount of calories- giving you an excellent excuse to skip the gym for a day. So grab that rake, enjoy the crisp fall air, and try to have some fun!

Tips, Tricks, and Ideas!

  • When lifting heavy items remember to bend and lift from your knees and not from your hips. Your back will thank you!
  • Pick up the pace! Get your heart rate up and get that work done faster by picking up the pace.
  • Turn your work into a challenge. Grab a friend and set the timer. See who can rake and bag the most leaves in 30 minutes.
  • Listen to music! Bring an old radio outside or if you’re along use your ipod.

Have some fun and take some pictures! Last year I was on crutches when the time to rake leaves came around so I (sadly?) got to miss out on the work and just play. Happy fall! DSC_1875


A Fall Weekend in Maine

What a perfect fall weekend! This past weekend we traveled up to Orono, Maine to visit with Angus’ family and to do a mountain bike race. What a fantastic time! On Saturday we spent the day relaxing by going apple picking, to a local winery, and took a walk on the Bangor Bog Boardwalk. On Sunday we did the Orono Woods Ramble mountain bike race and had such a fun time! I had not done a mountain bike race in three years and it was the perfect day for it. Dry trails and sunny skies. There were a few women there but none of them wanted to do the two lap course besides me so I got to race against a bunch of dudes and “win” the women’s race. Yahoo!