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October Ab Challenge!

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Good morning everyone and happy October! I have created this little challenge for the month of October. Core work is the first thing I often skip out on. I always have great plans to do some abs after I run or bike and then I just get thirsty and hungry and then I want to take a shower. SO it rarely happens. I’m doing this little challenge just to get me to do more core work. It’s very simple and it’s not designed to get you 6 pack abs in 4 weeks. No. It’s just a fun little way to get more core work in. SO WHO IS WITH ME? There are just a few different exercises on the calendar and most people can do them! No equipment needed and it will take less than 5 minutes a day. (For the oblique twists you might want to use a medicine ball if you have one. Or in the spirit of October how about a PUMPKIN?!) Anyway, if you have any questions on how to perform any of the exercises shoot me a comment or an email and HAVE FUN! 😀