Race Report: Tri For The Y

My legs are extra sore this morning after competing in the Tri for the Y yesterday at the Freeport YMCA. I did this race last year and was so excited to do it again this year. I LOVE that the swim portion of the race is in the pool and it’s just a really fun event in general, whether you’ve done hundreds of triathlons or doing it as your first race. Anyway, here is a recap of the course!

325 Yard Swim

You start the swim in the deep end of the pool and swim 13 lengths and get out in the shallow end and run to the transition area. You start in the water and share the lane with one other person. I really don’t care for open water swimming and there are not too many triathlons that have a pool swim so this adds to my love for this race 🙂



Usually the bike course is 13 miles but this year there was a last minute change and it got shortened and re-routed. I think this year’s was about 11 miles. The “new” course was a two loop course that seemed like it was slightly up hill the entire time. Even though it was shorter I would say it was much more challenging! The course felt slow and so did I. It was also a windy day… I will be very excited next year when the course returns to what it normally is 🙂



This is the part that usually kills me. The course is almost completely flat. Oh, except for that GIANT hill right in the middle of it! It’s advertised as a long gradual climb but it’s really just a straight up hill. My favorite part of the run portion of triathlons is knowing there’s nothing left to do afterwards! Needless to say I was happy to cross that finish line 🙂


Angus and I both won our age groups and we got pint glasses! This was probably the most useful prize I have ever won in a race! IMG_0517

Also, Angus is pretty darn fast. Even if he stands on the bottom of the pool during the swim. 🙂

So what’s next? No more triathlons until August. I have my eyes on the Old Port Half Marathon in July though. Then in August it’s either REV olympic or half iron man, and tri for preservation.






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