Pineland Farms Trail Running Festival

Good morning! My legs are a little tired this morning after running the 10k in the Pineland Farms Trail Running Festival yesterday! This was a great race and event and I’m already excited to do it again next year. (It’s funny how running works, if you asked me in the last mile of the course if I was ever going to do it again I would say no way… now that it’s over I can’t wait)

The 10k course has lots of rolling hills but the first half of the course is mostly downhill, while the last half of the course is mostly uphill. Then the last kilometer of the race is ALL uphill. It was hard. Since I’ve spent many days at Pineland skiing and racing there (on skis) the trails were really familiar to me and I knew all the twist and turns and upcoming hills. It was nice knowing the course so well but there were many times where I was dreading a hard section that was coming up. 

Here’s my coworker, Joanne, and I waiting at the start of the race!17693_10204587686231698_4730102087563766090_nThere are lots of different options for race distances and the festival spreads over two days. There is everything from 5k to 50 miles to a dog race. I loved this corgi and weener dog running together.IMG_2192This adorable little bundle of chub wanted to play with Angus instead of race.IMG_2196Here I am coming up one of the hills!IMG_2184

photoI was really happy with my results! It was one of my fastest 10ks on the hardest course I’ve done. Something about a race though and PAYING to run makes me want to try a little harder. See you again next year, Pineland! 🙂

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