Outdoor Workout

It may be getting cold outside but it has yet to stop me from exercising outdoors. Today I braved the cold fall temperatures and headed out to do this great workout. My friend Sarah is heading to basic training in a few months and was looking for a good workout (that includes push ups ;)) to get ready for training. I came up with this crossfit inspired workout and we’ve been doing it every week! Give it a try!  It’s a great challenge and it’s fun to try to beat your previous time. Before the workout make sure you do a proper warm up. I like to run a few miles and do some dynamic stretching. For a cool down I run the few miles back home.

The Workout:

20 Jump Squats

15 Push Ups

10 Sit Ups

400 meter Run

Do four rounds for time. What does this mean? See how fast you can do all four rounds. If you have to take breaks, that’s okay! Next time you do the workout try to take fewer breaks and watch your time drop. Have fun and get out there before everything is covered in snow! Enjoy 🙂



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