Maine Huts and Trails Ski Trip

This past weekend Angus and I did an overnight stay at the Maine Huts and Trails. This is a really cool organization that is pretty new. They have all of these different huts that are connected by cross country ski trails. You ski into the hut and then they cook you dinner, breakfast, and give you stuff to make a lunch the next day. There are different types of sleeping accommodations but most are shared bunk rooms (sort of like a hostel). We were very lucky and only had to share our room with one other couple who were about our age as well! The staff was very nice and the food was delicious and creative.


The first day we got a little lost and ended up skiing 8 extra miles (up a GIANT hill/mountain) and then had to turn around to get back on the trail that actually goes up to the hut. So, that wasn’t that awesome… and even less awesome when you’re skiing with a giant backpack… but once we got to the hut it was really nice and warm and a good place to be. We stayed at the Poplar Stream hut and it’s about three miles to get into it (if you don’t go the wrong way). It was pretty hilly to get up there but nothing compared to the wrong turn we took so it wasn’t terrible.


The next day we went for a little ski before we headed back home. We just went a few miles further up the trail and then turned around. There were some cool waterfalls to see (a short hike from the trail) and the trails were freshly groomed that morning so conditions were perfect! Overall it was a fun trip that I’d like to try to do again! It would be really cool to do a couple of days and stay at a couple of different places.


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