Kettlebell & Plyo Workout

Good snowy monday morning! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine included lots of fitness, food, and fun as usual! Friday evening included a trip to Petco for a NEW PARAKEET. Meet Lucky:

photo 3 copy 9

Saturday Angus and I went to a hot yoga class at Greener Postures followed by a walk in the old port and lobster bisque for dinner at my parent’s house. On Sunday we went for a bike ride (first of the season) with some friends from college and then we were finally able check out the new rock gym in Portland and had a great afternoon climbing! 

photo 1 copy 13

Now here’s a great workout to kick off your week. I’ve done this myself, and have taught it in a few classes and everyone’s been loving it!  All you need are two kettlebells (1 larger, and one smaller) and a box for box jumps. If you don’t have a box, burpees are a great substitution. 🙂 

kb plyo

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