Kettlebell and Body Weight Workout

Good morning and happy Friday! Any fun plans for the weekend? I have the Old Port Half tomorrow morning and then we are heading up to Orono for Angus’ Grandfather’s 90th birthday party. I’ve been checking the weather for the half like a lunatic and right now it just looks like its going to be cloudy and low 60s which would be so perfect! (And also so weird for Old Port as it is classically a VERY hot race) Thunderstorms have also been mentioned. I’m going to hope for cloudy! 

Now before we get the weekend started I have this awesome workout that I planned for bootcamp a few weeks ago. You’ll need a kettle bell and a jump rope (you can just pretend jump rope if you don’t have one) and it would be very helpful to download a timer app on your phone. They have tons of these for fitness in the app store and they make at home workouts very easy. For this workout I set the timer to “exercise” for 20 seconds and then “rest” for 40, even though I wasn’t really resting in the remainder of the minute. Set it to do 5 rounds and then reset it between sets. Give it a try! 

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