Golden Gate Bridge Bike Trip


We just got back from our San Francisco/ Lake Tahoe trip and this activity was probably the highlight of my time in San Francisco. I’ll have a general overview of places to see and things to do tomorrow or Tuesday but first: Golden Gate Bridge biking!

Biking across the Golden Gate Bridge is probably on everyone’s checklist of things to do in San Francisco and it was definitely on ours as well. Even though we did the trip on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend it really never felt too crowded. There are bike rental places all over the city but we started our trip at the Ferry Building because on Saturdays there is a great farmers market there and we decided to check it out first and grab some snacks for the trip:pluots (a hybrid between a plum and apricot) and cinnamon roll biscuits.


The ride starts flat along the coast and it is nice and flat. You bike past all the touristy areas like fishermans warf and the sea lions and then there are some nice parks and then great views of the bridge! Even though every tourist in the city is renting a bike to do this, don’t expect a super easy ride. There are some steep hills! Once on the bridge you ride two miles and then in another few miles you will reach the beautiful sea side town of Sausalito. It’s a great place to have lunch or do a little shopping. The best part? You don’t have to ride your bike back! There are ferries that take you and your bike back to San Francisco! It’s a nice way to get a boat ride in and see the city from the water.


image Sausalito

Sausalito is great but we decided to keep riding to the next town: Tiburon. This part of the ride wasn’t as great and we had to ride along some very busy roads. If I had known what it would be like I probably would have just stopped in Sausalito and waited for the ferry there. Tiburon is a smaller town but we still managed to find an ice cream place and ate ice cream while we waited for the ferry. When I saw how many people were trying to catch the ferry I was worried we might not make it on and have to ride the 20+ miles back on bikes. Boy was I wrong. These boats fit HUNDREDS of people and their bikes and they just stack up the bikes and pack them in. It wasn’t as chaotic getting the bikes back as I thought it might be.



We had fantastic sunny weather for our bike trip but I know that’s not what the weather is always like in San Francisco. Check the weather before you go because the trip might not be as fun in the fog and cold…







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