Friday Favorites

Good morning! I just finished up all my classes for the week and I’m ready to get this weekend started! Lots of fun things on the schedule and as soon as this post gets published I’m heading up to the Cumberland Fair with my friend Sarah! For now I will share with you some products/things that I’m digging this week. Here you go!

Essie Mint Candy Apple Nail Polish

This definitely is not a fall color but I’m loving it anyway right now. It’s the perfect mint color so if you’ve been searching look no further! 

photo 1 copy 10

Casco Bay Butter

LOVE this stuff. I purchased it sort of randomly a couple months ago and was blown away. Garlic and herbs mixed into creamy salty butter. Delicious! It basically turns any piece of toast into garlic bread.

photo 5 copy 2


Mountain Biking/Strava

These cooler fall temperatures are really putting me in the mood to ride my mountain bike. I also recently discovered the Strava app for iPhone and it’s making me even more excited to ride. Strava is basically a GPS app and there are different “segments”/ trails that you get timed on. There’s a leaderboard and it’s fun to see where you stack up amongst other local riders. It’s basically like a race any time you want one!

photo 5 copy 5

Farmer’s Market Flowers

I got these flowers last weekend at the farmer’s market and they were only 5 dollars! I was a little afraid they would not last as long as my bargain bouquets from Trader Joes but they’ve lasted a whole week now with no signs of dying! 

photo 1 copy 9

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