Fore River Trail

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I thought I would share another one of my favorite trails in Portland for running. I have a great four mile loop right from my house that incorporates this trail and it is one of my favorite runs. I learned about this trail back in the day when I ran cross country in high school. Back then there were no fancy maps at the trail heads or anything of the sort but now there are which makes this much more doable to go alone even if you’ve never been. Let’s be real: the trail is still in Portland and there’s not THAT much area that it covers so even if you get lost it probably won’t be that bad. Explore a little and have fun! Or ask me to go running or walking with you and I’ll show you the way. That works too. ANYWAY so this trail is super fun and there are rivers and water falls and cool birds to look at. I also included a little map so you can start planning your route. 🙂

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photo 4I usually enter through the Congress street entrance and then run up and over by Jewell Falls and then out that little dead end street off of Brighton. Like I said… it’s not THAT big of a trail system so it’s sort of hard (impossible) to get really really lost. Happy trails!

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