Florida Keys Vacation

Angus and I spent the last week on vacation in the Florida Keys! It was fantastic and we did a lot but I thought I would share my favorite things that we did here on the blog. The only thing that was missing was manatees! I wanted to see one so badly and we didn’t all week. 

Everglades National Park

 photo 1-2

Want to see a bunch of alligators? Okay. Go here. It’s actually a lot cooler than it sounds. We walked on a trail very close to the park entrance  and saw loads of alligators and birds. It was a great little detour and lots of people think of the everglades as being a swamp with a few gators. It was way better than that and I would love to have had more time to explore the areas further into the park. 

Theater of the Sea, Islamorada

photo 3-2

This is a cool place where you can go to watch dolphin, parrot, and sea lion shows as well as swim with the dolphins. The shows are excellent and a great way to spend a morning. I even got to kiss “Sherman” the dolphin!

Kayaking at Pennekamp State Park, Key Largo

Sadly I don’t have any pictures of this, but it was really fun. We rented kayaks and they have lots of trails that go through mangroves. We saw sharks, stingrays, and lots of fish!

Key West Seaplane Adventures, Key West/Dry Tortugas

photo 5-2

This is going to be in a separate post, because it was really just that cool and I have about 10 billion pictures I want to share. Look tomorrow for the post 🙂

Butterfly Conservatory, Key West

photo 4-2

I actually almost didn’t want to go here. Angus convinced me when he told me there were flamingos. Basically it’s a really hot room FILLED with butterflies and two flamingos. It’s pretty magical and definitely worth the 24 bucks we spent to walk around for 15 minutes.

Bahia Honda State Park

photo 2-2

This is a great place to go for a swim. They have a few beaches at the park and I guess that they are the only natural beaches in the Florida Keys. We took a walk out to a sandbar and even saw a few little sharks!

Sparky’s Landing, Key Colony Beach

photo 2-3

Key lime pie. Go get it. The food is great here and it’s a fun place to sit outside by the ocean. I also hear they have 25 cent wings and shrimps for happy hour but we never took advantage of that.

Keys Fisheries, Marathon 

photo 1-3 photo 3-3

This is my other favorite restaurant. You order at a window and then get your food and sit at picnic tables on the water. Or you can take your food upstairs to the “Shell Shack” and have a great view to watch the sunset. Awesome 🙂 I had a “conchwurst” which is like a sausage but with conch. Yum.




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