Favorite Indoor Cycling Drills

Good evening! I hope everyone is having a great week so far! Today I thought I would share with you a few of my favorite indoor cycling drills of mine lately. I know that I always love looking on the internet for cycle ideas so hopefully some of you would appreciate these as well. If you’re not a spin instructor you can try them on an exercise bike at the gym! Let me know if you give any of them a try 🙂 

3, 2, 1 Minute Seated Climb

This drill is super simple but also a killer. Begin with moderate-heavy resistance. One that is challenging for you at 60 RPM but not so challenging that you won’t be able to speed up. Complete a 3 minute hill at 60 RPM, REST 30 Seconds, Complete a 2 minute hill at 70 RPM, Rest 30 Seconds, Complete a 1 minute hill at 80 RPM. The goal is to keep the same resistance you started with for all three climbs, even though the RPMs increase. If you don’t have a cycle computer you can just focus on keeping the same resistance and speeding up with each hill. Your speed on the 1 minute hill is going to feel very fast!

30, 20, 10 Flat Roads

This is a great drill that I picked up during a class I took at the Y last week. Begin with a 30 second flat road. This is your base. Moderate pace with just enough resistance where you can feel the road underneath your feet. From there add a little resistance and speed up a little for 20 seconds and then add lots more resistance for the final 10 seconds. This will be more of a power sprint. Heavy resistance and fast cadence maintaining nice smooth pedal strokes. Once 10 seconds is up you’re right back to the 30 second base flat road. No rest! Try 4-5 rounds of this before taking a rest break.

Flat Road, Slight Incline, Steep Seated Climb

I absolutely love this progression! Here’s how it works: Begin with 3 minute sections. Start with a 1 minute flat road RPM around 100, Increase resistance for a slight incline RPM around 90, Increase resistance for a steep (and fast) seated climb RPM around 70-80. Rest for 45 seconds before repeating for a total of three times. Once I have done the 3 minute rounds I will finish with one 9 minute round. This really tests participants strength and endurance and I love watching how happy everyone is when they complete this drill! It’s a doozy! It’s a good drill to save for the very end of class.Take the same format but instead of each section lasting one minute, it will last three, for a total of 9 minutes! 


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