Fall Yard Work



Is your yard covered in leaves like mine is right now? If you own a house you’re probably used to the annual fall clean up. Try looking at it differently this year and think twice before you reach for your wallet to pay the neighborhood kid to rake your leaves. Raking leaves and other yard work you might have to do this time of year can burn a significant amount of calories- giving you an excellent excuse to skip the gym for a day. So grab that rake, enjoy the crisp fall air, and try to have some fun!

Tips, Tricks, and Ideas!

  • When lifting heavy items remember to bend and lift from your knees and not from your hips. Your back will thank you!
  • Pick up the pace! Get your heart rate up and get that work done faster by picking up the pace.
  • Turn your work into a challenge. Grab a friend and set the timer. See who can rake and bag the most leaves in 30 minutes.
  • Listen to music! Bring an old radio outside or if you’re along use your ipod.

Have some fun and take some pictures! Last year I was on crutches when the time to rake leaves came around so I (sadly?) got to miss out on the work and just play. Happy fall! DSC_1875


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