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Old Port Half Marathon Race Recap

It’s now been two weeks since my last Half Marathon- the Old Port Half and it’s about time to do a little recap! For all the beautiful hot sunny days we’ve had this summer it was a shocker to wake up to cloudy skies on race day and cold (60 degree) temps with a chance of rain. This race is traditionally a very hot one but I was psyched to wake up to cold clouds! (Perfect running weather)

There were two different waves for start times and I was starting in the second wave but I knew that I was likely going to be faster than that pace (9 min/ mile) so I made sure to get up front for a good start so as not to get stuck. I ran into my friend Brian from IDEXX at the start and for the first mile or so we were chatting and catching up all while realizing both of us were running way faster than goal pace. But hey- it was working! We actually ended up running together for about 9 miles and I definitely think it helped push my pace. 


The course is mostly flat with two big hills and it winds through the streets of the old port, west end, east end, and then around back cove. It’s a great course and aside from the two large hills I think it’s a pretty easy one. As far as racing goes this was actually pretty uneventful for me. After running Pineland in May I had a lot of miles under my belt and it felt a heck of a lot easier running on mostly flat roads vs. very hilly trails. I started out with a good pace and then it did not change a whole lot over the 13.1 miles. I think the hardest part was that it rained and my headphones wouldn’t stay in my ears. That was annoying! 

IMG_0785I ended up getting a PR by 15 minutes with a time of 1:51:45 averaging 8:31/mile. The finish was fun and even though I was absolutely soaked and cold we stuck around a bit and had some snacks and caught up with some friends. The only major bummer was that right after the race we hopped in the car for two hours and when I got out my IT band hurt SO bad! It was no fun for a couple of days but I’ve been doing lots of stretching and strengthening and back to running again! Next up: Beach to Beacon.




Kettlebell and Body Weight Workout

Good morning and happy Friday! Any fun plans for the weekend? I have the Old Port Half tomorrow morning and then we are heading up to Orono for Angus’ Grandfather’s 90th birthday party. I’ve been checking the weather for the half like a lunatic and right now it just looks like its going to be cloudy and low 60s which would be so perfect! (And also so weird for Old Port as it is classically a VERY hot race) Thunderstorms have also been mentioned. I’m going to hope for cloudy! 

Now before we get the weekend started I have this awesome workout that I planned for bootcamp a few weeks ago. You’ll need a kettle bell and a jump rope (you can just pretend jump rope if you don’t have one) and it would be very helpful to download a timer app on your phone. They have tons of these for fitness in the app store and they make at home workouts very easy. For this workout I set the timer to “exercise” for 20 seconds and then “rest” for 40, even though I wasn’t really resting in the remainder of the minute. Set it to do 5 rounds and then reset it between sets. Give it a try! 

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