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Hiking Doublehead Mountain

What perfect weather we had this weekend. I thought I was ready for fall but this past weekend just reminded me how much fun summer weather is! On Saturday we took a little drive up to Jackson, NH to hike the Doublehead Mountains. We’re watching my parent’s adorable little boston terrier this weekend so we didn’t have that much time to go for a hike. The Doubleheads were the perfect option for the day. The hike is about 2.5 hours long but it is plenty challenging and you get AMAZING views. I didn’t think the leaves had changed colors much but once we got to the top it was clear that they had!

We Parked at the end of the “New Path” and walked down the road and up on the ski trail. There is a great view of Maine and some ponds from the top of North Doublehead.

photo 1 copy

We continued on to South Doublehead to see the views of the Presidential Range and itty bitty Black Mountain Ski Area. Afterwards we hiked down the “new path” which was very very steep and full of loose rocks. In retrospect it would probably be better to walk up the New Path and walk down the Ski Trail. Next time!

photo 3

Once we were done hiking we decided to stop at Jackson Falls. We didn’t swim because the water was FREEZING but it was nice to wade around in the water and play on the rocks.

photo 4

Our final stop of the day was to go apple picking. I don’t think I’ve ever been so hot apple picking. It was really weird. We got a bunch of apples and I don’t know what I’m going to do with them yet but I’m really into these Peanut Butter Apple Bites lately so I’m sure a good amount of the apples will be made into those!! 😀

photo 5




Peanut Butter Apple Bites

photo 1

Okay these are my new favorite snack for after working out. It can be my new favorite even though I’ve only had them once, right? I think I found the idea ages ago on Pinterest but then never really did anything with it until today. I picked up some honey crisp apples after I went to the Cumberland fair yesterday and I was dying to do something delicious with them! I put peanut butter, coconut (unsweetened), and semi sweet chocolate chunks on my apple slices and man oh man were they delicious! You could also use almond butter. Maybe try some homemade granola instead of the chocolate chunks on top? Now I’m ready to get creative! Give it a try. It’s really awkward to cut an apple into slices like this and you’ll have a bunch left over. Just eat those slices normally. 🙂 Happy Fall!!


Spin Saturday

I know I’m a day late posting this and today is actually Sunday and not Saturday but yesterday my computer spent the better part of the day deciding to not turn on. SO awesome new spin tunes coming at you on Sunday instead. This weekend has been a totally bust with the weather. Both days were supposed to be warm and mostly sunny but instead it’s been cold and mostly rainy. Yesterday I taught Saturday morning spin and then did some food shopping and then fall clothes shopping. I managed to get one shirt so I’ll call it a success. I also found some mugs on sale at pottery barn and decided to do some crafts with them. Anyway, here’s some new music for you! I’m on a huge Demi Lovato kick right now 🙂

Strength Training

I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about what I do for my own training. YES I DO GO TO THE GYM! I go through phases- sometimes I will find a class that I LOVE (usually circuit training) and go to it all the time, and sometimes I just lift weights on my own (or with my husband or any friend I can possibly drag along with me), and sometimes I stay outside and do running+ bodyweight strength training. Lately I’ve been lifting weights on my own at the Y. I love the room they have because no one is ever in it and I can pretend I have my own personal gym for mere 35 dollars a month. Here is the strength workout that I’ve been doing lately:

Box Jumps (18”)- 3 sets of 15

Bench Press- 3 sets of 12- 45#,50#,55#

Back Squats- 3 sets of 12- 45#,65#,95#

KB Swings- 3 sets of 20 (I have no clue what weight the kettle bells at the Y are because a lot of them aren’t labeled… oh well.)

Bicep Curls w/ dumbbells- 2 sets of 15- 12#,15#

Tricep Extensions w/ bar- 2 sets of 15- 30#

Chest Flys w/ dumbbells- 3 sets of 12- 12#,12#, 15#

Seated Row- 3 sets of 12- 30#,45#,60#

Leg Press- 3 sets of 12- 160#,170#, 175#


San Francisco/ Lake Tahoe Recap

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost a week since we’ve been home from vacation. It’s been a slow week since a lot of my clients have gone back south for the winter but I know extra winter classes will be ramping up very very soon! (Not that I really want to think about winter right now…) Anyway, here’s a fun recap of my favorite things that we did while in California. One of my fabulous clients gave me a list of recommendations and we used Yelp a lot as well.

San Francisco

  • Golden Gate Bridge Bike Trip
  • Ferry Building Market- This place is fantastic. On Saturdays there is a wonderful farmers market but you can enjoy the shops and food every day of the week. Most things open at 9 a.m. with the exception of a few coffee shops (Blue Bottle Coffee!) When we went the weather was beautiful and it was fun to grab a coffee and some breakfast and sit outside and look at the 2 photo 5
  • Twin Peaks- This is a fabulous place to drive and watch the sunset if it is not in the fog. If it is foggy you will not see anything but it wasn’t when we went so we got a beautiful view of the sunset. You can drive your car up (there also might be a bus stop nearby) and then hike about 50 feet to the top of the “mountain” and have a great view of the whole city. We brought a picnic but it turns out it’s not really a picnic place and we ate in the car. Go here but skip the picnic.
  • Off the Grid Food Trucks Picnic in the Presidio- Best food truck event ever. It’s the only one I’ve ever been to but I think it would be really hard to beat. In the park next to the Walt Disney museum, food trucks and local restaurants set up from 11-4. Bring a blanket, try some food and have fun! We got there around 2:30 and they started to run out of a few things but there was still plenty of food. Get their earlier if you don’t want to be denied a grilled cheese sandwich. They also have beer, wine and other beverages (like frozen mimosas) for sale. Don’t be scared of the lines they moved really quickly.
  • Muir Woods- This is a redwood forest right outside the city (about 30 minutes) that we visited on our way up to Tahoe. We almost didn’t stop and man that would have been a mistake. It’s 7$/ person to enter. There are nice paths to walk around and if you really wanted to make a day of it there are some longer, more serious hikes that you can do. We got there early around 10:00 a.m. and there was plenty of parking but by the time we left things were getting crazy. Go early and have a nice look at these GIANT trees!

Lake Tahoe

  • Road Bike Around the Lake- This is a 73 mile ride with over 3000 feet of climbing. Oh, and you start at 6000 feet elevation. Yep, I was tired after this one! There’s not a ton of road biking around Lake Tahoe so this is sort of the ride to do. We rented bikes from the Village Ski Loft in Incline, NV and were able to get some nice road bikes similar to what we ride at home. Great views! Apparently the local thing to do is to ride around the lake at night but I don’t get it…

  • Sand Harbor Beach- I think this place can get sort of crowded during the summer and on weekends but it was dead when we went there since it was the week after labor day. Crystal clear water and a very cold lake! There’s also a cool boardwalk you can walk along the shore on.

  • Campfire on Whale Beach- I forget if this place is called whale beach or nudist beach or maybe it’s not called either of those. Who knows. But we had some local knowledge (my brother in law and his girlfriend) and we were able to have a campfire on this cool beach. I don’t think you’re actually supposed to but it was fun anyway and no one seemed to mind because to get to the beach you have to hike 15 minutes down this giant steep path that’s really hard to find. We grilled some sausages, made s’mores and watched a beautiful sunset!

Golden Gate Bridge Bike Trip


We just got back from our San Francisco/ Lake Tahoe trip and this activity was probably the highlight of my time in San Francisco. I’ll have a general overview of places to see and things to do tomorrow or Tuesday but first: Golden Gate Bridge biking!

Biking across the Golden Gate Bridge is probably on everyone’s checklist of things to do in San Francisco and it was definitely on ours as well. Even though we did the trip on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend it really never felt too crowded. There are bike rental places all over the city but we started our trip at the Ferry Building because on Saturdays there is a great farmers market there and we decided to check it out first and grab some snacks for the trip:pluots (a hybrid between a plum and apricot) and cinnamon roll biscuits.


The ride starts flat along the coast and it is nice and flat. You bike past all the touristy areas like fishermans warf and the sea lions and then there are some nice parks and then great views of the bridge! Even though every tourist in the city is renting a bike to do this, don’t expect a super easy ride. There are some steep hills! Once on the bridge you ride two miles and then in another few miles you will reach the beautiful sea side town of Sausalito. It’s a great place to have lunch or do a little shopping. The best part? You don’t have to ride your bike back! There are ferries that take you and your bike back to San Francisco! It’s a nice way to get a boat ride in and see the city from the water.


image Sausalito

Sausalito is great but we decided to keep riding to the next town: Tiburon. This part of the ride wasn’t as great and we had to ride along some very busy roads. If I had known what it would be like I probably would have just stopped in Sausalito and waited for the ferry there. Tiburon is a smaller town but we still managed to find an ice cream place and ate ice cream while we waited for the ferry. When I saw how many people were trying to catch the ferry I was worried we might not make it on and have to ride the 20+ miles back on bikes. Boy was I wrong. These boats fit HUNDREDS of people and their bikes and they just stack up the bikes and pack them in. It wasn’t as chaotic getting the bikes back as I thought it might be.



We had fantastic sunny weather for our bike trip but I know that’s not what the weather is always like in San Francisco. Check the weather before you go because the trip might not be as fun in the fog and cold…