12 Days of Christmas Workout


So this idea isn’t original but I love it anyway and here is my own version of it. Maybe you’re off of work already for the week and have a few extra hours to kill. Take a break from all the shopping, baking and eating and head to the gym (or outside, in your home… etc.) and try my 12 Days of Christmas Workout!

12 Days of Christmas Workout

Perform the workout just like the song.  Example: Round 1: 1. 30 Second Plank; Round 2: 1. 30 Second Plank, 2 20 Second Wall Sits, 3 Squat Thrusters…. Yep! That means when you get to 12 you are doing EVERYTHING! If you forget how the song goes here’s a refresher!

1. 30 Second Plank

2. 20 Second Wall Sits

3. Squat Thrusters

4. Broad Jumps

5. Oblique Twists

6. Push Ups

7. Jump Squats

8. Plank Jumping Jacks Count each one when you bring your feet together.

9. Burpees

10. Walking Lunges

11. Mountain Climbers

12. Skaters

Okay, that’s it. Give it a try and let me know how it goes!!!

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