Outdoor Workout

Good morning! I hope everyone is enjoying this gorgeous fall weather. This morning I’m sharing with you a great workout that you can do anywhere. My version only requires you to have a kettlebell, but if you don’t have any weights at all you can easily sub in body weight exercises to this format. Now that bootcamp is on hiatus for the cooler months, I’m planning on sharing a few of these bootcamp type workouts that you can easily do on your own when we have surprise beautiful weather (yesterday). Let me know if you give it a try!


Summer Highlights

It’s hard to believe that summer is winding down. Doesn’t really feel like it today with these 80 degree  temps. I thought I’d play catch up today and share some of my favorite things that have happened this summer! 

Bootcamp- This is by far my biggest highlight! I (finally) started my own bootcamp business here in Portland and have been doing outdoor bootcamps on the Eastern Prom all summer long. Great weather, sunrises, and workouts with fun people!


Beachin’ It

Probably my all time favorite summer activity is the beach. With all the sunny 80 degree days I had no shortage of beach this summer and tried to go at least once a week! 



This is one thing I wish that I did more of this summer! Angus and I headed to the mountains and hiked Mount Willey, swam in the river, and had a great snack afterwards at the Sunrise Shack (highly recommend if you’re in the white mountains!)


Beach to Beacon

I ran my first Beach to Beacon road race and got a 10k PR of 51:03. 


Minneapolis Vacation

A the end of August Angus and I took a trip to Minneapolis. He was going for work and I decided to tag along and visit some of my friends that I made when I went to school there freshman year. It was a great long weekend of friends, food, and some exercise, too!



Celebrating Our Third Anniversary

September 1st marked our 3rd (!!!) anniversary! We had a great evening with Thai food from Boda, watching a great sunset, and cupcakes from the same recipe as our wedding cake! 


Joel and Emmie’s Wedding

Over labor day weekend we headed north to camp Winnebago to celebrate Angus’ stepbrother’s wedding. It was a beautiful wedding by the lake with great food and music and fun to hang out and play in the lake the following day. 


Maniac Triathlon

Last weekend I competed in the Maniac Triathlon, which quickly turned into the Maniac duathlon due to some high surf. 1 mile run on the beach, 15 mile bike, 3 mile run to finish. There was also a crazy thunderstorm on the bike which made conditions quite challenging. I was sad that there was no swim since that is one of my stronger legs in triathlon but I still managed to place 7th overall and win my age group. 


How to Survive Running in the Heat

While this beautiful summer weather we’ve been having in Maine this summer is most excellent for the beach there is one thing it is not most excellent for: running. Holy moly. I can’t tell you the number of times this summer I’ve gotten stuck running in mid day heat and humidity just because that is when I have time to go. No fun. However, there are a few things you can do to make it just a tad more enjoyable. Here are my favorite tricks. 🙂 

This one is super obvious but sadly not always possible so I’m not going to go into detail but if you can run early in the morning or late in the evening to beat the heat.

Bring water. Even if it’s for a short three mile run, if it’s hot and sunny I always make sure that I have some water with me. I love these mini water bottles from the company nathan because they’ll slide right into many shorts I own. If you’re running a longer route make sure there are places you can refill along the way. 


Plan a route you can back out of if you’re going for a longer run. Running in the heat takes A LOT more energy. I like to plan a route that if I’m just not feelin’ it I can back out of and make shorter. There’s nothing worse than being half way through a loop and miles away from home hot, tired, and without water. Don’t let it happen to you!


Treadmill time. I usually avoid running inside at all costs but if I have a specific workout to do (speed) that I’m looking to hit certain tempos on, the treadmill can be a great option. Since it usually takes all of my energy to just keep moving in hot temps, it’s unrealistic to have fast goal paces. If the weather is preventing you from hitting your paces it might be worth it to bring it inside. 

As a follow up to my last point…Slow it down. Don’t be shocked when your pace is suddenly a lot slower than what you’re used to. This is a good time to train with heart rate instead and try not to get too upset with your turtle pace status.

Cool down (with treats). Have some refreshing snacks and drinks waiting for you at the end. My personal favorites? Watermelon and Coconut water with OJ. Yum. 







Old Port Half Marathon Race Recap

It’s now been two weeks since my last Half Marathon- the Old Port Half and it’s about time to do a little recap! For all the beautiful hot sunny days we’ve had this summer it was a shocker to wake up to cloudy skies on race day and cold (60 degree) temps with a chance of rain. This race is traditionally a very hot one but I was psyched to wake up to cold clouds! (Perfect running weather)

There were two different waves for start times and I was starting in the second wave but I knew that I was likely going to be faster than that pace (9 min/ mile) so I made sure to get up front for a good start so as not to get stuck. I ran into my friend Brian from IDEXX at the start and for the first mile or so we were chatting and catching up all while realizing both of us were running way faster than goal pace. But hey- it was working! We actually ended up running together for about 9 miles and I definitely think it helped push my pace. 


The course is mostly flat with two big hills and it winds through the streets of the old port, west end, east end, and then around back cove. It’s a great course and aside from the two large hills I think it’s a pretty easy one. As far as racing goes this was actually pretty uneventful for me. After running Pineland in May I had a lot of miles under my belt and it felt a heck of a lot easier running on mostly flat roads vs. very hilly trails. I started out with a good pace and then it did not change a whole lot over the 13.1 miles. I think the hardest part was that it rained and my headphones wouldn’t stay in my ears. That was annoying! 

IMG_0785I ended up getting a PR by 15 minutes with a time of 1:51:45 averaging 8:31/mile. The finish was fun and even though I was absolutely soaked and cold we stuck around a bit and had some snacks and caught up with some friends. The only major bummer was that right after the race we hopped in the car for two hours and when I got out my IT band hurt SO bad! It was no fun for a couple of days but I’ve been doing lots of stretching and strengthening and back to running again! Next up: Beach to Beacon.




Kettlebell and Body Weight Workout

Good morning and happy Friday! Any fun plans for the weekend? I have the Old Port Half tomorrow morning and then we are heading up to Orono for Angus’ Grandfather’s 90th birthday party. I’ve been checking the weather for the half like a lunatic and right now it just looks like its going to be cloudy and low 60s which would be so perfect! (And also so weird for Old Port as it is classically a VERY hot race) Thunderstorms have also been mentioned. I’m going to hope for cloudy! 

Now before we get the weekend started I have this awesome workout that I planned for bootcamp a few weeks ago. You’ll need a kettle bell and a jump rope (you can just pretend jump rope if you don’t have one) and it would be very helpful to download a timer app on your phone. They have tons of these for fitness in the app store and they make at home workouts very easy. For this workout I set the timer to “exercise” for 20 seconds and then “rest” for 40, even though I wasn’t really resting in the remainder of the minute. Set it to do 5 rounds and then reset it between sets. Give it a try! 

emom workotu

Sebago Lake Triathlon Race Recap


Good morning! Long time no blog. Funny thing is the last thing I posted was also a race recap. Might seem like the only thing I do anymore. Not true! I do have quite a few races planned for the summer but there is lots of life happening in between. My weekend needs another weekend. After 4 years of home ownership and 4 years of neglecting to paint our house, it just had to be done. So that was the weekend- 20ish hours of scraping, priming, and painting. I applaud you if you enjoy it (or even don’t mind it)- and also invite you over to help us since there’s still a lot of house to go. We did manage to get over to our neighbor’s for a fun BBQ on Saturday evening and on Sunday we went to Peaks Island for a couple of hours to celebrate fathers day with my Dad. So, a bit of fun sprinkled in there!

Anyway, LAST weekend I was racing away up at Point Sebago Resort for the Sebago Lake Triathlon. It was a great event and lots of people from the IDEXX gym were there so it was fun to know a big group of people! The race was great and I managed to get my first ever top 10 finish so that was extra exciting too. Let’s back up to the training part though!


This was interesting. Very interesting. Since I don’t swim year round (or ever, really, if I don’t have a triathlon scheduled) I made sure to hop in the pool once a week for about 20 minutes once a week starting around the first week of April. For me this was enough to wake up my swimming muscles and get some speed back. It wasn’t really worth it to spend more time in the pool to me. Now this is the interesting part: two weeks before this race was the Pineland Farms 25k. So all spring the majority of my running was LONG. And slow. Then, since I was running a lot in my spare time, I didn’t spend too much time on the bike this spring. Maybe once a week, every two weeks, either way… not enough. I called the spin classes that I teach “good enough”. And now the really interesting part! Week before Pineland: mostly rest. Then Pineland absolutely destroyed my legs (and gave me a ton of blisters on my feet) so the week AFTER Pineland was either all rest or mostly rest. And THEN: Triathlon week. OOPS! So needless to say, I wasn’t feeling too prepared!


Two words: chilly willy. The Sunday before the triathlon a group of TRIDEXXers went to Point Sebago to do a course preview (this was very helpful!). So we swam. And I was soooo nervous about it being cold, especially because I only have a short wetsuit. Actually, I don’t even have a short wetsuit. It is my mom’s. Thanks mom. 🙂 Well turns out that day I had nothing to worry about the water was a very comfortable 65ish degrees. That’s what I was expecting on race day. NOPE. Try 10 degrees colder. SO COLD. I made sure to get myself a good spot on the starting line, and power through that swim and get out as quickly as I could! I came out of the water around 6th for women and 15/145 overall. 


My favorite. If bike races were more accessible for adults in Maine I would probably just sign up for those instead. But they’re not, so I do the whole swim and run thing too. Nothing to write home about on the bike, some fast flats, a couple of big hills. I will say the one spot I felt like I could have pushed harder was on the hills. No one else around me seemed in a hurry to get up them so I hung out with them. Racing 101: don’t hang out with people who aren’t going as fast as you could be. Oh well, my overall speed was where I hoped it would be around. I finished the bike 7th for women and 25th overall. 



Alright this is what I can work on! The run was hard for me. My heart rate was through the roof and I wasn’t even moving terribly fast. Just wanted to get it over! The run course winds through neighborhoods and seems all uphill even though it really isn’t- at all. Only when you’re tired. It’s sort of an out and back lollipop loop so you’ll run into lots of people you know and giving high fives and smiling and cheering each other on is nice and makes it almost seem like you’re having fun when you’re not. Then the run finishes on the beach. In the sand. Ouch. For the run I placed 21 for women or 50th overall. Something to work on! 



After the race is a great BBQ (beer, burgers, watermelon, chips, everything!) with awards. I got 2nd place in my age group (missed first by less than a minute) and 7th overall. My only complaint with the race is that the awards moved along SO slowly and we had to leave before I saw everyone get theirs from IDEXX and I wish I could have stayed! Overall a great day! 

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 9.24.24 AMScreen Shot 2016-06-20 at 9.24.09 AM





Pineland Farms 25k Race Recap

Hard to believe it’s already been a week since the Pineland Farms 25k. A very busy and fun week, too! After the race I finished out a great long holiday weekend, had a free trial week for my new outdoor bootcamp business, went mountain biking for the first time this year, and finished with a course preview of the Sebago Lake Triathlon course (and a swim in the lake). Holy moly! But let’s back up a little bit… 


I started training for this race around early April. Or that’s when I started building up my milage anyway. I basically only ran two days a week. Occasionally three if they were shorter. One “short” run 4-6 miles with some speed work (tempo or pick ups… I think I only went to the track once) and then one long run a week where I would add a mile or so each week, finishing with my longest run at 13.1 miles two weeks before race day. You may ask to yourself: is that enough running? For me, definitely. For those of you who don’t know I injured my ankle 4 years ago skiing (ironically at Pineland) so since then I have kept running to a minimum and I definitely make sure to not run every day, so as not to aggravate it. So two days a week works for me and then I cross train with spinning, road biking, weight training, and swimming. It works 🙂 


My original training schedule. I also have to take into account classes I have to teach and workouts (running) I need to do with my clients. A giant jigsaw puzzle!

The Race

I’d say about 5/15 of the race miles are “fun”. Conveniently 3 of the fun miles are the first three so the race starts out on a good note. The race starts out FAST (by trail standards) and mostly downhill. And then the hills begin. There are no serious multi-mile climbs on the course but Pineland is LOADED with steep uphills and steep downhills. Non stop. For many many miles. Most of the course is in the woods on double track said hilly trails but there are a few field sections thrown in there. The fields were actually my least favorite part. They’re pretty- and you’ll see cows and sheep and that might distract you from how awful they are but the footing was very difficult on them and the grass was just long enough where you were never quite sure where to put your feet, but hey, I signed up for a trail race and a trail race it was! 

So the first three miles were fun, then I started to wonder if I could even finish 15 miles, there were two more fun miles around mile 11 when the hills decided to take a little break, and then the last 5k went by SO. SLOW. One foot in front of the other and I got to the end! I wasn’t sure what to expect pace wise for this race since I knew the terrain was very difficult and trails definitely slow you down. Walking slows you down too. That happened a few times. Going into it I was thinking that I would be very happy with sub 10 min miles and I hit my goal! I finished in 2:30 averaging 9:43 miles for 25k or for all you americans reading this: 15.5 miles. This race is very well organized and there were fantastic aid stations about every three miles where you can guzzle gatorade or water and feast on delacasies such as gummy bears and potato chips (true story that’s what I ate). I didn’t carry any water or snacks with me but made sure to have something at every stop. I saw lots of people carrying their own water so it’s totally personal preference. I don’t like carrying things. 


Post Race

After this race is a fun time. There is a bbq, free stuff (darn tough socks and kind bars!), and free beer if you’re into that after racing. I am not. I ran into some friends and chatted for a while, got some food from the potluck bbq, sat on the grass and almost stayed there the rest of the day due to some seriously sore legs, and then made my way home. I didn’t realize how bad it was but I had a serious blister situation on my feet! I spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out with the dog on the couch and then actually ended up going to a concert later in the day. I was very excited that it was a cold evening for an outdoor concert because the only shoes I could even think about putting on were uggs! (and that’s what I wore to a concert in May… ugg boots.) Overall it was such a fun time and something I’m so proud of completing and I’m excited to do it next year! 





Homemade Lemonade

IMG_0123Good morning! I hope that everyone had a great weekend and got to enjoy some of the beautiful weather we had on Saturday! I woke up early to get my longest run (13 miles) in before the 25k in less than two weeks. Afterwards the day was spent eating, drinking, soaking up the sun, and just a little house work. On Sunday we went down to UNH to do a bike ride with a bunch of UNH cycling Alum and a few current team members. It was a great weekend!

Here’s a great recipe for a single serving lemonade that is sweetened with only honey and highly customizable! I think trying maple syrup to sweeten instead would be delish or adding basil or strawberries or, hey, even both! I hope you enjoy it 🙂 

Serves 1
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Prep Time
5 min
Prep Time
5 min
  1. 1 TBS local honey
  2. 2 TBS hot water
  3. 1 Lemon
  4. Ice
  5. Water
  1. Put 1 TBS of local honey in the bottom of your cup.
  2. Pour a tiny bit of hot water over the honey to melt it.
  3. Stir until the honey is melted.
  4. Squeeze the juice of 3/4 of 1 lemon into the glass (save 1 slice of the lemon)
  5. Add some ice cubes + the remaining lemon slice
  6. Fill the rest of the glass with cold water.
  7. Stir and enjoy!
TRICIA-ROSE.COM http://tricia-rose.com/

Eastern Prom Bootcamp

Bootcamp Pricing

What a fabulous response I have had about Bootcamp on the Eastern Prom this summer! If you are considering signing and want to know more, here are some answers to questions that you may have. If you have any further questions or concerns please e-mail me tricia@tricia-rose.com or reach out on my Facebook page. Thank you for your interest! 

Where will we meet for bootcamp?

Meet at the top of the hill on the side by the playground. Class may be held there, or we may move around the park depending on the day.

What should I expect in a bootcamp class?

Class could consist of many different things: kettlebells, medicine balls, bodyweight exercises, hill running, games, agility drills. Be ready for anything as every class will be different! Expect a good mix of cardio and strength from each class.

Do I need to be in good shape to sign up?

No! Class will be very challenging for all, but there’s no better way to get in shape than signing up for this series. Show up, do the workout, HAVE FUN, and see great results building strength and endurance.

I can’t run. Can I still do bootcamp?

Absolutely. Any time there is a running section of class I will give the option and a separate course to walk as well. No need to become a runner to do this class!

What if it rains?

If it rains we get wet! Class will be rain or shine. In the event of severe weather (thunderstorms) class will be canceled or postponed. 

I wasn’t able to come to all the classes I paid for. Can I have my money back?

Unfortunately no refunds will be given for bootcamp. 

Who teaches the classes?

All classes will be taught by me (Tricia Rose). I am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and fully insured. I have experience teaching and training in many different fitness settings and currently teach classes at the Portland YMCA, IDEXX, and LLBEAN. Feel free to poke around my blog to learn more about me! 

Okay. I’m in! How can I sign up and pay?

You’re able to sign up and pay online through paypal. If you go to the “Purchases” tab of TRICIA-ROSE.COM you will find a drop down menu for bootcamp. Please select the option that works best for you. If you would prefer to pay me directly in cash or check please e-mail me so we can make those arrangements. I look forward to working with you!







Urban Runoff 5k and Summer Race Planning

Good morning! Today seems like a good day to think about summer and racing and anything other than the fact that it is SNOWING out. On Saturday we did the Urban Runoff 5k which was a great race that was put on right in our neighborhood. It was fun to race on trails that I run regularly (Angus laughs at me when I say “for fun”) and since IDEXX was a sponsor team I saw lots of people I knew at the race from classes! 


I was hoping for a sub 24 minute 5k but that didn’t happen. In fact, I got the same exact (to the second!) time I got for the last 5k I did. Guess what, my friends? When you make the same mistake you get the same result! Need to get my pacing under control and not run like a bat out of hell the first mile. Things to work on! I got over the disappointment fast with a waffle brunch with some women who take my classes. 



So what’s next? This time of year I shift my training and run and bike way more than I strength train. I’m still trying to get two days of weights in a week: one lighter workout (tabatas, AMRAPS, etc) with lighter weights and then one harder lift (mostly bench) a week. Other than that it’s run, bike, swim! Here’s what I’m looking at for racing this summer. Anything after July is very up in the air. Are you doing any of these races? Are there any I should consider? 

May 29- Pineland Farms Trail Running Festival 25k

June 12- Sebago Lake Triathlon Festival Sprint TRI

July 9- Old Port Half Marathon

(I am an ambassador for this race! I have done the half and the 5k and it’s such a great morning and so much fun to run through the streets of downtown Portland. If you would like to do the race here is a little discount! Sign up and then go treat yourself to a coffee with your big savings.)

Old Port Graphic